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Care Focus - Increasing Social Coherence

Increasing our social coherence is an appropriate theme to hold in our hearts during the holidays and into the New Year. The holiday energies magnify the heart's care and coherent intentions, yet they also can magnify the down spiraling energy of insecurity, separation and extremism. During this time period, we can feel an uplift in spirit and more warm hearted connections, but the energies of political and social incoherence can also affect us, where we feel more reactive, anxious and stressed.

It's important for coherence builders to understand these dynamics and not get caught up in the fray. To change the social dynamics, we need to each take responsibility for our own energy instead of being swept into a collective response that generates more blame and separation. Creating social coherence starts with replacing old patterns and mindsets that no longer serve us. That's why conscious, heart-directed choices are so important.

Our heart's intelligence can provide the rhythm and flow for lifting us above chaotic energies while standing for what we want and maintaining our dignity and energetic poise. This serves our mental, emotional and physical health and prevents us from becoming unintentionally disconnected from who we are.

This holiday period and into the New Year is prime time to go deeper into our hearts to free up our natural tendency to express kindness and compassion and release old energy blocks between ourselves and others that sustain separation. Don't do this just to be a good person – do it because it's a most intelligent and beneficial act of self-care. Practicing heart coherence can have a far more beneficial effect than we may realize. It contributes to a growing energetic momentum of social heart coherence that is being practiced, although not yet obvious in the mainstream media.

GCI researchers are studying the power of social coherence for raising the vibration of our collective consciousness into a new baseline of inclusive care, kindness and cooperation. We are seeing evidence of a positive feedback loop as individuals and groups intentionally create heart coherent magnetic fields, which increases the warmth (genuine care without judgment) and authenticity in our connections with each other.

So together let's commit to adding intentional love, care, kindness, patience and compassion in our interactions. Adding these core heart practices into the social field environment also bridges the connection to our own higher intelligence for the best way to respond to whatever life brings us. With practice this can become our way of life – the new normal.


1. Center yourself in the heart and breathe in love and appreciation to warm your heart and increase your heart coherence.

2. Now, for two or three minutes (longer when you can), breathe a feeling of calm while imagining your mind, emotions and physical nature aligning with your heart's intuitive wisdom and direction. (This increases your coherence which strengthens your heart's intentions.)

3. Make a heart commitment to use the holiday energies to lift your vibration and to help lift the hearts of other. Visualize yourself adding love, care, kindness, patience and compassion as you interact with others or in self-review. Renew this commitment daily to increase your effectiveness.

4. If you find yourself feeling anxious, insecure, or down spiraling into extreme attitudes of blame, anger and resentment, practice calmly breathing in the feeling of neutral and detachment from these lower feeling vibrations. Continue until you feel the energy start to shift. (It will make a difference.) This can quickly help to reduce the stress accumulation and will get easier with a few practices.

5. Now, let's take a moment to radiate our coherent heart care to friends, family, work associates, and others you will interact with.

6. Let's close by sending our collective compassion to people throughout the world who are stressed, insecure or suffering in any way from weather changes or mental and emotional turbulence.

Note: Remember to increase your love, kindness and compassion if you feel caught up in the stress / anxiety loop being generated by the rapid unapologetic changes going on in the world. Be compassionate, as people are doing the best they can from their point of awareness.

You can continue to do this Care Focus in the Global Care Room, if convenient, as this will help raise the consciousness vibration of the personal and collective field environment.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

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