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Compassionate Latitude

Welcome and Thank you for being with us.

Let's start by connecting in the heart with everyone participating in the Global Care Room and radiating love and appreciation to each other...

More global events are happening to raise the vibration of collective consciousness. These events help people to connect with their higher reasoning capacity while managing the infectious waves of stress and insecurity also on the rise.

A recently released Gallup poll reported record levels of stress in the USA: 55% experience stress a lot of the day; 45% feel a lot of worry; 22% feel a lot of anger. Similar increases are occurring in other nations, largely fueled by an amplification of separatist views and actions resulting in non-inclusive choices based on fear and mixed motives. This restricts people's heart energy from flowing through their interactions which blocks new solutions for the greater good to manifest.

It seems that life is calling on us to have more compassionate latitude for each other and our own process. Compassionate latitude increases our empathy and flexibility with other's shortcomings or missteps – recognizing that most all of us are probably experiencing similar highs and lows in our thoughts, feelings and challenges. It's a highly significant time to treat each other in ways we would desire for ourselves. Latitude is an attitude that includes qualities such as being less critical, more patient and tolerant with each other, yet not having to agree with or condone another's views or actions. There is a difference in taking a heart stand regarding our opinions than taking a mind stance -- which results in separation and its complications.

Compassionate latitude can help reduce separation and stress, making it easier to find rhythm, balance and flow during these pressing times of change and unpredictability. Living in separation constrains our heart energy in interactions, resulting in much of the stress and challenges we experience while passing the blame to others. As we practice compassionate latitude with each other, its care opens our heart to increased intuitive guidance and deeper authentic connection with each other – which is a missing piece in the peace equation.


1. Start with quiet breathing while radiating feelings of gratitude. This helps to shift our energy from the mind to our heart.

2. Next, ponder for a while, where you could you give others more compassionate latitude at work, at home, watching the news, sorting out miscommunications, etc.

3. Now visualize yourself replacing judgments, angered responses, lack of tolerance and separation with compassionate latitude for others and yourself. Practicing several days in a row helps to anchor in this valuable habit.

4. Now, let's radiate compassion and latitude to people with different beliefs from our own and to those whose polarizing views are creating separation, stress and chaos. Compassionate latitude carries the understanding that most people are doing the best they can according to their awareness and their stress overload.

5. Let's close by sending genuine care and compassion to all beings who are suffering hardships throughout the planet. Radiating love and compassion benefits the sender and receiver as we are all connected.

You can continue to do the Care Focus in the Global Care Room, if convenient, after the full moon period, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the personal and collective field environment.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.
GCI Steering Committee and Staff

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