Care Focus: Raising Our Own and the Environmental Vibration - May 2017

Welcome and thank you for being with us.

Let's start by connecting in the heart with everyone participating in the Global Care Room and radiating love and appreciation to each other...

It's becoming clearer to many of us that working together with kindness and acceptance are the missing pieces for resetting humanity's fast and furious trajectory into separation and division. It's also becoming obvious that we cannot create solutions from the same consciousness level that's creating the problems. Raising our consciousness vibration for drawing peaceful solutions is an undertaking that calls for kindness, forgiveness and an inclusive love that respects our differences.

The vibration of our moods, attitudes, thoughts and feelings can rise and fall throughout a day, based on our actions and reactions to whatever life brings us. The vibes we emanate to others and the environment vary based on our resilience for balancing our mind, emotions and disposition -- especially in today's dynamic emotional climate. Energy balance and critical thinking become easier as our heart and mind become supportive partners when choosing our direction.

When we are in the presence of others, our collective thoughts, feelings and attitudes intermingle in the field environment. We tend to lift others and the environment when our vibration is up. An easy way to maintain a higher vibration is to interweave the qualities of our heart in our connections and interactions. These heart qualities include love, care, compassion, kindness, appreciation, forgiveness, and more. Anyone who experiences these qualities recognizes their transformative value.

Many people are realizing that unconditional love and compassion are from our higher consciousness potentials with the capacity for healing and attracting solutions for social transformation. Uncountable numbers of people have experienced the benefits of compassion and more individuals are resonating with this powerful expression of love in these times of robust change.


1. Center yourself in the heart and breathe the feeling of gratitude for a few minutes to activate your heart feelings...

2. Breathe easily and imagine with each breath that your mind, emotions and body are becoming still inside. This helps with focus...

3. Next, visualize more of humanity and world leaders accessing their heart’s care, kindness and dignity in their interactions to bring about peaceful solutions for the greater whole... (There is a rapidly growing movement of people who are choosing a heart-based peaceful approach to solutions that doesn’t divide us.)

4. Now let's radiate unconditional love and compassionate support to this increasing heart-based momentum... (As the collective heart awakens, it can eventually transform the chaotic feedback from separation and clear the way for us to get along with each other – a first step to our dreams of a better world.)

5. Now let's radiate compassion to all who are experiencing distress and hardship throughout the planet. Include animals, plants and other life forms in your compassionate care. This serves the greater interest and benefit of all sentient beings and the environment in which they exist...

You can continue to do this Care Focus in the Global Care Room, if convenient, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the personal and collective field environment.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

With Appreciation,
GCI Steering Committee and Staff

Global Coherence Initiative